Can Thinking be Free from Words, Images, and Your Self?


Harikrishnan NB: In thinking, we are mostly consumed in the thoughts. So we often forget about our self which has nothing to do with these thoughts. But once we are just an observer to these thoughts then we aware of our self.

Amrutha MK: Thinking can be free of images. There are many concepts that we cannot picturise. Abstract notions and concepts cannot be picturised. Pictures cannot express contradictions. Compatibility is not a kind of relation that pictures can express. Concepts have constituents. Images cant have constituents. Images can only have parts. Thinking can be free of words also. We cannot give precise definitions to all concepts. Counter examples can be given to all definitions except scientific definition. There are thoughts which we cannot communicate through words. We can talk about a “thought” because we speak a language in which we can talk about them. We are able to think before we talk that is why we can learn our first language. Thoughts come first and the language follows therefore thinking can be free of words. There should be some thinking being which is a self to think. Therefore I think thinking cannot be free of self.

Meera Kumar: Although thinking cannot completely be free of any of these aspects, if one were to choose an aspect, it would be words in its literal sense. For instance babies who are not exposed to the nuances of language still seem to entertain imagination and thinking. In a strictly literal sense, therefore, words are not necessarily a prerequisite for thought. However, there is an inherent language capacity that is innate in all beings. It is this language of coding and decoding that largely constructs and deconstructs thought processes into intelligible pieces of information. Taken in this sense, words assume paramount importance in thinking.

Niharika Sharma: Some thoughts can’t be explained or put in words but are felt or experienced. When one thinks images and Self is a part of the process. As soon as the thought occurs an image comes up and “I” or “Self” lead up to it.

PD Sathish Chandra: We are essentially processing information more in audio visual medium, even when we read text the information is processed through visual images. The fact that if you have enjoyed a novel it’s rare that you would like a movie based on the same novel.

Prashanth Noorjet: If thinking has to be free of any one of these things, it can only be words. I feel so because images are a part of every thought that comes, especially because most thought is in form of visual memories or images. Words are a big part of thoughts and hard to separate. But thoughts exist even without language, so words are not necessary. Even when words are involved they are a visual image or we hear as a voice. Your self can never be separated from your thought. Thoughts are created through your experience with the world and being dynamic in response to your perceived world, it is not possible to seperate yourself from your thought. Even if the thought originated from somewhere else, it is still your recollection or interpretation of it, or atleast an apperception of the other’s idea.

Rakesh Kumar: Thinking can not be free of words, image and yourself because the word and the image have its own impression on mind and you can not detached yours self from thinking process.

Vaishali Sharma: Thinking doesn’t necessarily involve images but we have a tendency to have thoughts full of words and that too including the term ” I “.