How certain are you of your Self?
Does it exist and express beyond Body-mind?


Amrutha MK: I am fully certain of my Self. To some extent Self exist beyond Body and Mind which is somewhere in the intersection of body-mind. It can express beyond body and mind. It is difficult to say that my Self is defined irrespective of my body because it’s the body that gives the primary sensation or understanding about the self. Mind is a mental state where there are conscious and unconscious thoughts. My Self can express beyond mind but it cannot exist beyond mind. It is difficult to say my self is defined irrespective of my mind because even if I lose some of my body parts my Self will be the same.

Harikrishnan NB: My understanding is there is a reality in me that is experiencing. This reality just experiences and does not form any assumptions. It’s the mind that put color to the experience. That reality is the self. So it exist in the beyond. I put self in the beyond category because of the limit of understanding or knowing self with human intelligence.

Meera Kumar: The self for me, is a certainty that is central to my very existence. Iam 100 percent sure of my self, which is at the same time at the core of my being, and also encompassing everything that there is. The entire world in one sense, seems an extension of the self, more like a seed, which has the tree within it and the tree in turn comprises seeds within in it. The roots of the self runs throughout the body and mind, connecting and running deeper, but also growing beyond.

Niharika Sharma: I consider my Self as the endless light and love which gives rise to hope. It surely exists for me and do express beyond Body-mind. It still has some mysterious elements for me but I am certain that it is with me and I function because of it.

PD Sathish Chandra: Am certain of self when the situation at question is present, when it moves over to beyond, my self is addressed in third person. I will place myself in the stage of beyond with the situation as the scene and setting and characters in address as my co artists. I let the scene run to analyse the outcome. This is existent beyond the body and mind equation in the realm of “beyond”. The expression of me watching myself enacting out “what if” situation in my thoughts is beyond body-mind according to me.

Prashanth Noorjet: I am certain about my self right now, but uncertain about the future of the self. What I mean to say is I know what my self is now. But this self is not the same and 1 month ago, and that was not the same as 1 year ago. The self is always changing and evolving according to situations. For me to be able to reflect on my body and mind, there has to exist something beyond it which is enabling me to look at it. It is like my body and mind are two entwined structures, some parts are mixed, some are not, and there is something else that is both above and within that is capable of observing this. Thus it exists beyond the body-mind. But it cannot express itself without the body or mind.

Rakesh Kumar: I am certain about myself. yes it exist beyond Body-Mind because in the absence of my physical presence I exist in others’ consciousness.

Vaishali Sharma: I’m quite certain of myself most of the time. Yes, it exists as I feel this concept of myself as whenever I’m in dialogue with myself ie. (talking to myself/inner voice).For example : When I get angry at somebody, I’m able to know and realise the feeling of being angry ie. I’m certain of myself what I’m doing and experiencing most of the time. Beyond body – mind is that space which happens and occurs in some midway of body and mind. Beyond can be thought as space where we think of possibilities,can be taken as agency of ownership, consciousness/ awareness, or it can be thought as a space which can be weaved by imagination using words, ideas and figures.