“The Magic of Mantra: Negotiating Language Boundaries” by Meera Kumar – Presentation for The Reading Glass series of NIAS CSP on 7 September 2018


Being an Indian, each one of us have willingly or unwillingly come across one mantra or another in one form or another, in our lives. While what the term itself means, might vary for each individual,it seems to be safe to say that there is definitely a peripheral understanding of the term mantra within us all.
This presentation will look at the idea of ‘mantra’, its understanding from the eastern and western perspectives, and try to place the concept of mantra in relation to language boundaries. The difficulty in such an endeavour will be problematised and an understanding of how to understand mantra will be discussed. The presentation will be based on the paper ‘The Magical Language of Mantra’ authored by Patton E. Burchett, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion.