“Consciousness and Freedom” a verse authored by Shankar Rajaraman



स्वमेव स्वात्मना बध्नन् स्वात्मना स्वं विमोचयन् ।
स्वातन्त्र्यैकरसो जीयाच्छक्तिचक्रवृतः शिवः ॥

Author: Shankar Rajaraman

Translation (by the author):
Binding himself by himself and freeing himself by himself, may Śiva , surrounded by the circle of śakti-s and of the essential nature of singular freedom, be victorious

Annotation: The essential nature of Consciousness (Śiva, Cit, Samvit) in Kashmir Monistic Shaivism is absolute freedom (svātantrya). Thanks to this absolute freedom, Śiva can not only reduce himself to a limited being (paśu) by binding himself with the rope of his own māyāśakti (power of ignorance) but can also unshackle himself. The Consciousness of Kashmir Saivism, Śiva, is inseparable from the innumerable powers (śakticakra) that are part and parcel of it just as heat is of fire. In the final analysis, Consciousness is powerful and power implies action.

[Citation: Shankar, R. (2018, September 21). Consciousness and Freedom [Blog post]. Retrieved from https://niascsp.wordpress.com/2018/09/21/consciousness-and-freedom/]