“Borders of Ecstasy: What is the ‘Purpose’ of the so called ‘Mental illness'” by Sangeetha Menon


We live in a country that is rich and ancient with diversity not only by its many features of culture, but also a variety of experiences that are at times described as artistic, spiritual, deep vision, philosophical, and psychological. I wish to bring to our discussion the so called experiences that are labelled, inspired by some yet unknown spaces of our consciousness, as psychologically challenged or spiritually unique. Why do we have varied and unknown and unanalysable experiences that come from nowhere? Are all the unique acts, experiences and awareness that accompany mental illness (as labeled by DSM) pointers to “illness” and “insanity” or at times windows to the unknown of the intersection between the individual and collective mind? Is there a Purpose-discovery that each one of us engage in through our life sojourn and experiences, whether “mentally ill or healthy”?

Excerpt from “The Reading Glass” fortnightly session of CSP on 16 Nov 2018
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