“Myth, Mystery and Myself: Where does Meaning ‘lie’?” by Meera Kumar Menon

Contextualising the self in the narratives we come across, seem to be a prerequisite in ‘relating’ to stories, and connecting with oneself in our relentless processes of meaning making. The authenticity of a text, and the credibility of a narrative often lie in its presentation, and the reader often finds him/herself in the crossroads of reality and fantasy in genres like that of the historical fiction. Exemplifying with three award winning Novels, “Francis Ittikora” and “Sugandhi enna Aandal Devanayaki” by malayalam novelist T.D Ramakrishnan and “The Vegetarian” by the South Korean author Hang kang, the journey of making meaning of the mysterious and the unknown, through the stories we tell ourselves through myths and legends will be explored in this presentation.

Abstract Excerpt from “The Reading Glass” fortnightly session of CSP on 10 May 2019, by Meera Kumar Menon