“Emerging Information Technologies: Impact and Opportunities” A Three days in house lecture by Dr. (Prof.) Tilak Agerwala


The rapid digital transformation of our world, the exponential improvements in computing, communication, and storage, and the evolution of machine learning are transforming professions in every industry and the very nature of science and engineering research and development. In this series of three presentations, I describe how the confluence of key emerging information technologies can improve human well-being through novel solutions, with a focus on augmenting human intelligence.

Part 2: “The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the emerging technologies of Smart Sensors, 5G, and distributed Edge Computing. Combined with Machine Learning, these technologies are driving the very rapid evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), “a collection of all the devices which can connect to the internet and ‘talk’ to one another.” IoT solutions are widely deployed in many sectors, not just enhancing present-day capacities but also improving everyday living. This part concludes with a discussion on how Ambient Intelligence, the pervasive use of technology that learns and adapts to humans to improve well-being may be the ultimate IoT application.

Disclaimer – The Opinions Endorsed by the speaker is solely his and not in any way endorsed by the organizers.

Abstract Excerpt from “The Reading Glass” CSP lecture on 14 November 2019, by Dr. (Prof.) Tilak Agerwala.