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faculty-image-001The NIAS Consciousness Studies Programme is an interdisciplinary programme of the National Institute of Advanced Studies situated in the campus of Indian Institute of Science, in Bangalore, India. The Programme brings in philosophy, cognitive sciences, animal studies, psychology, creativity studies, physics and the neurosciences in its research mandate. The origins of NIAS Programme on Consciousness Studies goes back to 1992.

There is a need to look at human experiences and consciousness as a whole, and in the interdisciplinary context of the humanities, biological, cognitive and the physical sciences. The Consciousness Studies Programme at NIAS, while adopting a larger framework, is disciplinarily grounded in humanities, neurophysics, behavioural and cognitive sciences, neurosciences and neuropsychiatry.

In a period of 22 years, four international conferences, three national conferences, and several landmark discussion meetings have been organised by NIAS CSP and these have been attended by experts from different countries and from within India, and the proceedings have been published. Some of our collaborators and speakers at the conferences include Charles Townes, Jane Goodall, Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Michel Bitbol, Owen Flanagan, Stephen Post, Georg Northoff et al.